It features industry-leading features that allow you to identify the best way to schedule projects and find optimal solutions for distributing workloads across your team. If you’ve stumbled upon this blog, it is more likely that you’re looking to create a remote project team or already part of one and are looking for a tool to manage projects. Google Drive also lets you share documents, spreadsheets, and slide presentations among your remote teams.

remote team management tools

Unfortunately, many remote workers fall into the trap of working overtime, which can quickly lead to burnout. Simultaneously, you also need to be aware that working from home can be lonely for some, especially those living alone. So, it’s vital that you have strict policies regarding workload management how to build culture in a remote team and remote team building. With ActivTrak’s remote workforce management software you get clear visibility into employee and teams’ work time behavior. ProofHubElegantly designed and feature-rich, ProofHub is project management software that helps teams to plan, collaborate, organise and deliver projects.

Top 32 Remote Work Tools For Remote Teams

That starts with investing in the right kit to serve your team long-term. We’ve pulled together some of the essential tools for managing remote teams—from enabling fluid collaboration and remote participation, to ensuring work stays visible. Whether it’s by necessity or by choice, many companies are switching from overpriced offices to remote working. It’s easy to understand why – not only do companies save a lot on office costs and equipment, but employees are also able to live happier and more productive lives. However, setting up a remote business has its fair share of challenges and one of the most important to tackle is how to properly manage remote teams.

Leaders are responsible for ensuring that everyone is aligned with the company culture, systems, and overarching strategy. Often, remote workers are in different time zones, making it difficult to check in informally when they’re unsure of something. Because the end-users are also the app designers, feedback loops are instant, continuous, and actionable. MeisterTask allows remote teams to organize and manage tasks in a beautifully designed, customizable environment that adapts to individual user needs.

remote team management tools

Finally, we help you offer benefits for your contractors as well, which is usually not the case. A platform like Multiplier helps in offering benefits even to contractors and freelancers. The process of recruiting and hiring remote staff requires special human resources considerations to be successful. Not just anyone can succeed in a long-term, work-from-home position, so you want to attract applicants who are specifically looking for remote work. Recruiting from a remote-specific pool of candidates, many of whom may already be well-versed in the nuances of working remotely, puts you ahead of the game.

Tips For Managing Remote Workers

Another important aspect of managing a remote team is figuring out how to send paychecks every month. Mailing an important document to employees on the other side of the world isn’t a reliable solution, after all. In this case, digital payroll is the way to go, as it automatically sends monthly payslips via email, allowing you to focus on more important things. This perk is just one of the many features that online payroll software provides. For instance, you can set hourly rates, overtime, days off, health insurance, and anything else that impacts salaries, leaving the platform to do all the calculations for you.

remote team management tools

With Trello your remote team can create task boards with different columns and move cards between them. Employees can leave comments on the cards, assign start/due dates, add users to individual cards, create checklists, and add attachments. Anyone who has worked in a remote team will know how difficult it is to stay on top of all the different accounts and credentials.

Stay on top of your tasks, collaborate with your team, synchronize with your clients, and never miss a deadline again. To help you find options for your team to get the most of remote work, here are our top 10 favorite digital collaboration tools. Here are a few remote project planning tools that didn’t quite make the list but are still worth checking out. Smartsheet costs from $7/user/month, with a minimum of 3 users and a maximum of 25 users.

Employee Recognition Tools For Remote Workers

While that’s not complicated math to do, what’s even less complicated, is figuring out how much more valuable that saved time and money could be if you reinvest it into growing your business. Quip is a real-time document sharing and editing platform allowing your team to share and work on public documents. It offers a helpful notification tool – just mention someone in the document, and Quip will ping them. Evernote Business is similar to the note-taking app Evernote, but it makes it possible to share your ideas with a large team.

  • They say that facial and body language make up 2/3 of a communication.
  • After all, in order for anything to work in a remote company, teams must rely on the tools to communicate, collaborate, create, etc.
  • Remote working tools can keep your team connected, no matter how spread out they are.
  • Being out of the office can make things like communication and collaboration a bit trickier.
  • Employers with many remote employees sometimes find it challenging to communicate with them, especially if there is an urgency.
  • Companies of all sizes looking for a robust team communication tool.

Not only will this boost your productivity, it’ll also help you keep a record of your and your team’s work for the employer or the client. In this blog post, we’ve rounded up 7 of the finest project management tools which could be an ideal fit for your virtual, distributed teams. This software makes your remote teams know what is expected of them and at what time frame. It is also backed up with custom reports, making it easier for you to track your remote workers’ projects. In addition to sharing ideas through online conversations and virtual meetings, your remote team members will need to collaborate and share documents. Most of these tools will allow you to set up a due date, to create checklists or subtasks, as well as to add attachments and comment on the task progress.


Needs and each team member can update you with their progress along the way. Use one comprehensive software solution, which already provides you all the features you need.

So let us look at some of the best productivity and management tools that can help your organisation succeed in a remote work environment. Paymo offers a simple yet powerful work management tool for small businesses and remote teams, bringing together project management, work reporting, and time billing. A collaboration tool perfect for remote teams for chat, calls, and video meetings.

remote team management tools

At the end of the day, it is your specific needs that will decide whether or not a tool is ideal for your business. Outside of work she’s either searching for London’s best new restaurant, trying to become a Yogi, or planning her next holiday. Productivity while working remotely is a challenge that we must all confess to, especially when not accustomed to it.

According to Ladders’ data experts, work from home is here to stay. According to their estimates, by the end of 2022, 25% of all professional positions in North America would be remote, with remote possibilities continuing to grow through 2023. One Hub – Join the likes of Starbucks, Whole Foods Market, and Dell to securely host, sync, and share your files. Awesome Boss – Would you like to recognize and reward your team members for being amazing? Set yourself up with this tool that gives you increased insight into your team, such as individual birthdays, work anniversaries, likes, and reward activities. GSuite– Give each member of your team a professional email address.

It’s a great tool for learning additional concerning individual staff and the way you’re employed along. With the results, you’ll be able to study variations fashionable for every person on your remote team. In addition, Crystal provides tools to assist you to see these temperament insights in Gmail and on LinkedIn. As a foreign team, it is important to own some structured repository for “institutional knowledge” and file sharing. Sure, you’ll be able to spend some time finding out one thing in Slack, however, those conversations tend to be of lower quality.

Team Reporting

It is best to know that your remote teams are engaged in their duties, and there is no frequent absenteeism. Even though most of them will use tools like Slack to check-in and out of work, AttendanceBot will help you record all check-ins and check-outs, including the period when employees were absent. Storing various organizational files, especially those managed by remote workers, can be a challenge. You want to keep them in a secure place that is easily accessible anytime you need them.

Dependable Saas Remote Project Management Tool, Try It Now

Asana is still one of my go-to project management tools for managing different clients. It is another powerful tool that any type of team, from content and web design and development to photography and e-commerce, can greatly benefit from. When running a remote team, communication is key, so your team will need a robust all-in-one messaging system and communication tool that’s accessible from anywhere. Slack offers the ability to set up a channel for any part of your business and conduct chats privately or with the whole team. File sharing is built in, as is the ability to connect with other leading apps such as Trello, Salesforce and Google Drive to help you and your remote team to stay connected and productive.

The best part is that you can do all of this and more while collaborating in real-time. Remote working has become the new normal over the last few years, but what actually is a virtual team? Each business is unique, and thus it’s difficult to say which one is a better option in your case. But from our experience, when your team is working in different locations, it’s best to keep as much of the information in one single place. This way it’s easier to make sure that every team member is on the same page – whether they are working from the office or working remotely. Toggl is a simple online timer with a powerful timesheet calculator.

Not only that, but the platform supports diversity hiring, and can support you in planning and running a host of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Additionally, you can use it to create and assign tasks to your team. It keeps all the related messages, images, and important files together for easy reference.

These team management tools are affordable and easy to use across multiple devices anywhere. For an additional $2 per employee per month, billed annually, you also get access to their compensation planning tool. If you want to run your comp cycle on the same platform as your HRIS and performance management software, then this feature is beneficial. Asana is a straightforward cloud-based tool for communicating with your team without relying on hundreds of convoluted email threads. This service includes task management as well as conversation tracking, team assignments, and project archives.

Time Doctor

The free Chrome extension version is great for remote teams and they have a paid version that has many more features. Features include screen sharing, conference calling, video conferencing mobile conferencing, and meeting recordings. It is used for meetings, chat, webinars, has screen sharing, file sharing, and more. The eXo Platform has an employee integrated hub that provides an all-in-one collaboration software with employee productivity tools.

It is an AI-powered tool that removes background noises and echoes from meetings. If you have virtual meetings that have audio issues, it can cause attendees to lose focus, which can decrease its effectiveness. Integrate with over 1500 apps in the Zoom Marketplace, which will help streamline with your existing tools. Keep your files stored securely, so you can access them from any device, any time. Access to many pre-built templates that provide an easy way to get your teams ideating and collaborating. A tool you can use for brainstorming, planning, designing, teaching and meeting to take your communication to another level.

Asana offers task management inspired by to-do lists, but also provides core project management features. Instead of having more of a column format that other project management tools have, Asana is formatted in rows. There are various reasons why you need remote teams management software. Apart from easy communication and engagement, here are additional benefits of having remote work tools. Note that there are a plethora of options when it comes to remote work tools.

Thorough training is even more crucial in a remote environment where you’ll be trusting your staff to work autonomously and “out of sight” to complete tasks and projects. The key to communicating within remote teams is to offer several different platforms that work well together to meet various asynchronous and synchronous communication needs. Remote work software helps you communicate with the team through video conferencing and telecommunicating. You can hold instant meetings with individuals and groups anytime from anywhere.

ProWritingAid is a grammar checking, spelling, and writing tool with many interesting features. These features include 20 writing reports, style guides, integrates with word processors, and has a plagiarism checker. Basic paid plans start with 30GB of storage with the ability to move to a higher unlimited cloud storage plan. A free software owned by Microsoft for calling, messaging, and video interviews.