Note that the Iconography is as per the Windows Phone Marketplace guidance, so don’t worry about size of the icons much. It will even convert your JPEG images to PNG internally as per policy and UI design guidance. In Step 3 “Tiles” helps you to complete the Iconography and Lock Screen setup for your app.

Here you can change the layout like in the Feed example, but I’m leaving it as default, with the user photo on the left. You can also create your entire app right in App Studio. It should also be noted that you’ll have to create screenshots separately, since you can’t do this in App Studio . To nest a section, create a menu section, pick a list or gallery layout and add pages to it.

To use your newly created app on your Nokia Lumia phone, you must “install the certificate” that will be sent to you in an email. The installation happens very quickly – it might look like nothing happened, but it really did! After that, point your Lumia at the Congrats screen API Wikipedia shown in App Studio, and scan the QR code displayed. This will trigger the installation process, which will also be completed very quickly. This looks in detail at how you can work with the Visual Studio projects that are produced when you make an App Studio solution.

Windows Phone App Studio Archives – Mobile World Live

We will first see the steps on creating the native application. These templates are empty ones which will basically assign in creating a project and based on the customization in the 4 steps the project required content, resources and files are added automatically. Ok now lets select a template, my favourite template is always My City which I used to create an app for my City . Selecting the template will navigate to a screen which will be a about screen which has the Windows Phone and Windows 8 view of the application template as shown below.

windows phone appstudio

Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. I will be a lot kinder and constructive in my app reviews in the future. The other thing you have to look out for is time out. For some reasons, it will time out even when there was activity, so make sure you save, save, save.

This is where you decide if you want your app to be available to others (the public – your future fans?), or if you want to keep it all to yourself. “Windows App Studio Installer to make App Studio app installations much easier”. “How to build a Windows Phone app in less than 10 minutes”. You can find the “Feed Reader” application on the Windows Phone App Studio site here. You can find the “Robs Links” application on the Windows Phone App Studio sitehere.

Getting Started

If you want to add social connections, tweak the Windows tile, create a multilingual app or include advertising, you’ll need to open your app in Visual Studio. To do this, make sure you have Visual Studio and the latest Best Keyboards for Programming in 2022 version of the Windows Phone SDK installed . Choose “Finish” on the App Studio site, then “Generate.” Along with the installable download package and the Publish package, this also generates a source code package.

“Microsoft’s easy WYSIWYG App Studio tool now creates universal Windows apps”. This is the first screencast about getting started with Windows Phone App Studio. It covers making and deploying your first application, and actually shows you to build something that is useful.

windows phone appstudio

On the Windows Phone in the Slider and Select section. When I open the drop down menu to select a month, I can’t scroll down all the way to 12. Same with the days dropdown menu. Same issue on the Android phone. In the grid section, I can’t scroll up and down the grid as smoothly as I can on the Android phone.

Windows Phone AppStudio Hands on Labs

It keeps going through the dialog “tap to open”, then “Add company account?”. I hit add and it takes me back to the “Tap to open” screen. In short, it’s meant as an alternative to Visual Studio, which is geared towards the more seasoned developer. Another usage for the web service is for experienced developers to quickly prototype an app, then export the code to Visual Studio for more advanced work.

At the left side you can see the Windows Phone Virtual view screen which loads the customization and the content as and when we change it in the steps. If the content is not updated by any chance you can click on the WIndows Preview button which will load the content and customization accordingly to have a preview before you navigate to the next step. Once the theme is selected click on Save and the next step will be configuring the tiles. Click on tiles step and where you can see the list of available tile options like Flip Tiles, Cycle tiles and Iconic Tiles. Flip tiles are basically if you have a content that should be showcased as a live tile in a informative way and flips on either side of the tile you can use this. Cycle tile is if you have a list of images more than 9 in your app and if you want to flip through those images to showcase in the live tile then you can opt for that.

Made a “product catalog” app in less than 10 minutes. Nevermind, it looks to be only a “personal” app maker. BTW, has anyone encountered an error when trying to register their device – something like ipoverusb service. It shows that the service is running in task manager, but I keep getting the error… I have a few simple apps that I’d like to do for distributing video content and maybe this will be able to do it. I’ll have to look later and see if it will hook into YouTube and/or Vimeo.

  • You will see a “preview” of your choices as you move through the steps.
  • The true homebrew community that has apps that give features such as live tile folders still requires the boot loader to be flashed, and only works on some devices.
  • The message box warning about the compass does not appear.

Trying to deploy this app on PC causes AppStudio not to respond for a minute. Then opens the deployment link but the older version of CheckBox is the one that gets opened on the browser, which means that the app hasn’t been Programming Tips deployed. Tests performed in June, 2014 on an Nokia Lumia 720 running Windows Phone 8.1. If a sample is not listed here, it worked properly. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

Send Data

For publishing Apps to Windows Phone App Store, it is recommended to revisit the Marketplace App Submission guidance provided by Microsoft. It is also highly recommended to use Marketplace Test Kit available in Visual Studio for passing the basic test cases before actual submission of Application to Windows Phone Store. Themes allows you to change Images and apply different Styles to your content. Here I will be changing the background and Images. The Portal as shown here gives you couple of options to know more about the Windows Phone Platform and guidelines for Application Development.

Multiple Forms

You “Configure” the app style, the format of Live Tiles, and the background image for the Splash and Lock Screen – you can use the styles provided, or add your own selections. I think that Windows Phone Application Studio is a great tool for making little personal applications, and templates for bigger things. I spent some time playing with it, and made these screencasts which tell you a bit about the system. But the error box STILL appears on the Android phone, not sure why.

You will then add a title, description, and a logo (this needs to be 160 X 160 in the .PNG format). You will then move on to “configure” the content in your app. This part is perhaps the trickiest, as it may look a little technical the first time you do it, but there are plenty of on-screen instructions to guide you. That said, Microsoft’s new online tool called “Windows Phone App Studio” makes it possible for folks like me to create their very own apps for use on Windows Phone, including the Nokia Lumia line. My problem is I can’t install the certificate to then install my app!

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The screen consists of Info Block which can be customized using HTML5 . There are some other blocks like “monuments”, “special Places”, “history” etc. You can also add some additional Blocks like “RSS”, “Html”, “YouTube”, “Flicker” and “Bing” to leverage individual services offerings for your App. Here I am considering “Dubai” as City for my “My City” app. You can set the Title in “App title” box on the top left corner and change Images or replace the default images either from local image source or even from the Cloud.