Those feelings don’t come back immediately when you quit. The good news is that your brain can adjust and restore balance to your internal world. The longer you stay away from alcohol and give your brain some much-needed TLC, the less you’ll feel like life is dull and uninteresting.

  • It is also responsible for moderating moods and emotions.
  • Vodanovich S.J., Kass S.J. A factor analytic study of the boredom proneness scale.
  • It might have temporarily offered relief from boredom or loneliness.
  • This can be dangerous because boredom is stressful and during active addiction, it’s a problem you likely solved with drugs or alcohol.
  • When you begin to view your negative thoughts and feelings as problems to be solved, rather than the embodiment of who you actually are, you liberate yourself.

Many of those same creative geniuses either died as a result of substance abuse or found sobriety was their only hope of surviving and continuing to have success in their field. If you find yourself drinking to promote creativity, chances are that you are actually limiting your full potential. Sobriety will allow you to further develop your creativity in all aspects of life, making you an all-around more interesting person in the long run. Aside from the time, and often memories, you lose when you are drunk, sobriety helps you regain all the time you often waste nursing a hangover. Severe hangovers can leave you nearly useless for up to two days at a time, and create anxiety and depression that lingers long after the alcohol has left your system. For those with alcohol use disorder, a common response to the misery that accompanies hangovers is to drink again. This cycle leaves you paralyzed in life, unable to work towards a goal or discover new people and experiences.

How to Adopt a Growth Mindset for Addiction Recovery

Consider these tips when you experience boredom in your recovery journey. For people who think that their boredom is leading them to misuse substances more frequently than their previous “recreational” use and want to avoid the slippery slope of addiction, beating boredom is essential. The same advice can be applied to people who are in recovery and are finding their motivation and confidence in their sobriety starting to slip. The main issue that can lead to boredom is being stuck in a familiar environment where substance use has most frequently occurred in the past.

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Worried about Canada’s new alcohol guidance? Try a damp January.

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First, given the cross-sectional survey design, causality and mediation can only be inferred. That is, although the results suggest statistical mediation, this should be more properly tested in a longitudinal model to capture the temporal requirements of mediation. Second, another limitation concerns the sole focus on boredom proneness. In the future, results should be controlled for other traits known to be important in the adolescent population, such as impulsivity, sensation seeking, anxiety sensitivity, and hopelessness. Find a support group and make contact with them regularly.

Insomnia and Substance Abuse

As a result, you may end up wasting hours doing a moderately boring activity like scrolling through Facebook or Reddit rather than doing something that might actually be fulfilling or productive. These kinds of time-wasters are fairly mind-numbing and will probably only make you feel more agitated in the long run.

How do I stop drinking because of boredom?

You can take part in the same hobbies you enjoyed before addiction or learn something new. Fishing, quilting, gardening, and even video games are much more productive than using drugs or drinking. Fill your idle time with hobbies and activities to keep your brain from drifting to dark places.

Thirdly, as hypothesized, binge drinkers adopt riskier drinking patterns than non-binge drinkers. However, it should be noted that no differences in regard to age of first drunkenness were found. For instance, some scholars (Clark et al., 2012) have suggested that individual characteristics and alcohol expectancies have been involved in the dysregulated use of alcohol in binge drinkers. An initial hypothesis concerns the differences between girls and boys in alcohol use as well as in boredom, and drinking expectancies. In line with the literature previously described, we predicted that boys not only use alcohol more frequently and consume higher quantities, but also begin to drink at a younger age. Instead, no differences were expected with regard to boredom proneness and drinking expectancies. A second hypothesis concerned the differences between adolescents who had experienced binge drinking in the last two weeks and those who had not.

Six Ways to Manage Pain in Addiction Recovery

“For us to find out if alcoholic abuse is more or less prevalent during the pandemic would require a similar population study,” he said. These cases tend to be pre-existing alcoholics who have been drinking more as they had little social interaction with friends and less social support to help curb their drinking. It was her husband who first started drinking more heavily, leading to fights between them. Recent research indicates that adolescents and teens who are frequently bored or who have plenty of spending money are at doubled risk for drinking and illicit drug use. I have plenty to do as a single Mom who lives with her elderly Mother. So my goal is to put the bottle down to become a more productive person. One of the best things you can do for yourself when you’re feeling bored in sobriety is to find a way to serve others.

That is, we hypothesized that the effect of boredom proneness on binge drinking can be accounted by drinking expectancies. Moreover, boys are more often involved in risk behaviors, halfway house such as drink driving. Otherwise, no significant gender differences were found as regards drinking on an empty stomach, a form of behavior also practiced by females.

Are You an ‘Almost Alcoholic’?

She couldn’t imagine her life without wine at that time, but now she acknowledges that drinking made her tired and impatient. And ironically, she’s the same age her father was when he stopped drinking. Apps such as Cutback Coach and Moderation Management can help people create structure around drinking and provide tools to manage stress, she says. Hospitals are also seeing an increase in admissions for liver cirrhosis and failure caused by alcoholism. There’s controversy around whether people should try to manage their drinking or abstain from alcohol altogether. I got on the phone with Dr Amelia Stephens who is a GP in Brisbane.

Came to realize how horrible alcohol was contributing to my anxiety/hypochondria. Overtime, I realized I stopped liking it and by the next morning I’d be like why am I drinking all the time at night now… pure, boredom. I could go on but I haven’t had a drink in 7 months now due to being on anxiety meds now . And i still sit around at night bored as hell and thinking about buying a pack of beer despite being on 5mg lexapro lol… fuckin life sucks sometimes. With alcohol delivery services becoming more commonplace, people now have greater access to alcohol at home.

Why Is Transitional Care Important for Addiction Recovery?

I started drinking because I literally never have free time – maybe five minutes at a stretch, certainly not long enough to play my guitar or go for a hike. I used to love reading and now, at best, I only get to read five pages in one day. And that started months and months before I started drinking, so it’s not the alcohol that made it that way.

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