This Zoe training course is designed to provide trainees with a comprehensive guide to becoming successful security management professionals. The course covers the basic components of security management, thereby giving you the relevant expertise and skills to undertake responsibilities in this area. A security management professional implements multiple layers of interdependent systems such as security, fraud, and resilience mechanisms for the protection of the business and its brand, employees, assets, and data. Recently, security management is becoming relevant as there is an increased dependence of businesses on technology, making them highly susceptible to cyber-attacks and security breaches. Internet Security Professionals take accountability for computer-related security in their organisations, ensuring the company data is safe and protecting against cybercrimes. Such specialists are hired by organisations by reviewing existing systems, studying ever-evolving risks, recommending changes and implementing modifications to deter security breaches.

certified security specialist

Our courses can be adapted to meet your individual project or business requirements regardless of scope. Enabling clients to fully leverage our organizations software solutions through client advocacy for C-Suite and key stakeholders.

CNCF Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) exam

Firewall, IDS/IPS, Access Control Servers, network monitoring tools and etc. For that, you need Network engineer who will have knowledge and expertise in these technologies and equipment so that he can use them efficiently to secure the network resources. Good network engineer and administrator will not only ensure the better performance of network but also keep its security infrastructure up-to-date according to new threats and attacks. Today, internetwork communication is playing very important role in increasing profitability and productivity of any business. Reliable and Timely delivery of information relies on efficient network infrastructure.

  • If rescheduling course dates, is not done from our side, then you can reschedule the course 14 days or more prior to start date of the course with no extra cost.
  • Since I’ve seen the book planned to be published I was really execited to get my hands on it and knowing Stuart’s expertise from cloudacademy courses, I knew it will be a rich and well written book.
  • Those professionals are responsible for protecting their organisations and keeping track of existing security infrastructure to ensure that networks secure vital information.

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ICA Specialist Certificate in Financial Crime Risk and New Technology

At 483 pages of content it seems like a heavy read, but thanks to all the screenshots and other graphics/code/etc., it’s actually a quick and easy read – I read it all in 3 days. The author offer a number of step-by-step tutorials along the way on many of the most broadly important topics.

Covering security threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks such as the DDoS attack, you’ll discover how to mitigate these at different layers. You’ll then cover compliance security specialist and learn how to use AWS to audit and govern infrastructure, as well as to focus on monitoring your environment by implementing logging mechanisms and tracking data.