3 years-ish before, we found a guy on line, we’ll contact him “D”, on Myspace. It had been relatively innocent, and he ended up being fairly HOT. By fairly, What i’m saying is SO.CUTE. It was not some large romance, I found myself between connections but we shared songs tastes, a dry (ahem devastatingly amusing) sense of humor and then we both lived in L.A. Emails slowly progressed to text messages to random telephone calls. Once more, perhaps not a huge love affair, but undoubtedly some thing with prospective.

He would ask me to hang out, and then terminate. This cycle would repeat, repeat, repeat. I would be in their neighborhood and ask him to meet for coffee/lunch but the guy constantly had ideas. Just what a coincidence, right? I not really cared as well much-I began an innovative new union and simply filed “D” away as a text/email pal and he appeared very happy to just fade away obviously as my personal connection with my now date progressed.

Now, we are friends on Twitter and Twitter, and he drunk texts myself ALL.THE.TIME. The guy emails me personally audio the guy believes I’ll like (i usually like it) and he phone calls me as soon as every few weeks. Event from the social media stalking i have accomplished, he is single…goes out always, does not have a girlfriend or ten kids…and there is no explanation we’ven’t strung aside. Basically stop replying to him, I have “in which have you been? I neglect you!” texts, etc. He is lent a virtual hand during crisis in my own existence, delivers me little (non creepy) presents for my personal birthday and Christmas and seems to be an excellent guy…but it’s so difficult to share with, since he won’t ever come out from behind the pc.

It’s very confusing, because although Im very happy within my connection, I think about “D” a pal. But are we?

I have that possibly he just isn’t that thinking about fulfilling me personally one on one, and I’m ok thereupon. To be honest, I am not enthusiastic about him romantically in almost any way-I hateful, a guy who requires 3 years to have something done isn’t attractive! If they aren’t curious, or was not interested three years ago…why does the guy hold calling/texting/tweeting/emailing/facebooking?

Feasible Answers.
1. He’s shy/intimidated-this has-been his justification before but I don’t know I buy it.
2. He is not whom the guy is apparently on the internet. My personal sole problem with this specific is their Twitter seems to be filled up with “real” life friends, and he always has actually brand new pictures-I learn in which the guy works, in which he lives-whoa we sound like a creep. HOWEVER-we’ve all heard the Catfish story, right? Never ever can be too careful! But i am talking about, their mother clearly reviews on his articles, and that I cannot imagine she isn’t genuine!
3. He wants having a stylish lady provide him attention but the guy doesn’t always have to rev up towards the dish and also “DO” everything. BINGO.
4. he is just a weirdo.

I’m tilting towards 3, and hoping it isn’t really 4. But at this stage, it’s just more fascination than everything else-who is my strange pal “D”? Hello D, you are probably reading this…since you stick to me on Twitter and all of!

What do all of you believe? The reason why is it possible you spend really in some one you never plan to satisfy? Help a girl away. ????

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