You can then consistently look back, see how far you’ve come, and assess what you have accomplished along the way. Anything you can do to improve your overall health and wellness will serve double duty and improve your ability to stay sober. The other people next to you at group therapy sessions and support group meetings all have experiences that can help you. They want to be there for you when you are struggling.

Perhaps, that’s not for everyone. I’m pretty introverted so my idea of fun might not sound like fun to others but are there any hobbies or classes you are interested in? Junior colleges often have financial aid to cover the cost.

What to Watch

In another emergency quarantine episode, Jack helps Meredith through waking up in a piss poor mood. They talk about horse girls, creativity during quar, Joe Biden, nightmares and Jack writes some incredible sober cowboy poetry. Jack and Meredith talk about the results of the “What TV/Movie character are you most like”. They discuss Meredith’s failed bread attempt, MENSA, twitter conversations and Westworld. You asked for it and WE DID IT suckos. Jack and Meredith cover the seminal recovery film Mad Max Fury Road and somehow wind up in a very intense debate about where the Hero’s Journey belongs in the recovery narrative.

  • Meredith and Jack give updates about their life, talk about Flaked Season 2, and negative self talk.
  • The point is to make the most of the ride.
  • You don’t feel defined by your past as strongly.
  • I have recently dropped the self help books and started to become more educated about human rights and social injustices, but recently I decided to read some buddhism/spirituality.

Before you call me ungrateful or tell me that I am a hop, skip and a jump away from a relapse, hear me out. Yes, freedom from addiction and a life of sobriety is an incredibly amazing journey. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. While getting and staying sober was the best decision I’ve ever made, in a lot of ways it’s also been the most challenging.

You avoid alcohol- or drug-related health problems.

Feeling apathetic and emotionless is quite normal. For me it hits hardest around week 4 or 5. It will pass, but you should still try to get some excitement in your life. I like hiking, taking sobriety sucks my dog to the park, and lifting weights. I feel the best when I engage in different activities throughout the week – jogging, hiking, attending an event etc + exploring a new activity or two.

sobriety sucks

Hi we’re Jack and Meredith and we’re alcoholics. We wouldn’t be alive without the help of our favorite twelve step programs, but that doesn’t mean recovery doesn’t fully suck too. Listen as we discuss how sobriety and twelve step is portrayed in specific media, books, movies and television. God grant me the serenity to rock the house down tonight. To me, a life of sobriety has meant a lifestyle of being awake. Meditation and yoga help to an extent. Quality time with friends and family can be relaxing.

Which album is the song Sobriety Sucks (feat. Shiloh Dynasty) from?

I am glad to hear that you have been able to appreciate your sobriety and hope that your message is an inspiration for other readers in recovery. I’ve seen so many people get sober, and even after 10 years, some say that life isn’t worth living, and the rest just think it’s boring and depressive. Great list Bill – I’m just shy of 5 months sober and I’m really enjoying the benefits of not drinking. So if you want to get drunk, TC, then by all means, that’s your business and your legal right (… you are 21, I assume). But there’s no way you’ll ever convince me that sobriety sucks. That’s basically saying “being conscious sucks” and the only way to be happy is to be drunk.

  • That process of going out and just doing something a little bit different is fun.
  • Please post only when sober; you’re welcome to read in the meanwhile.
  • It’s not uncommon to feel like you’re running on a treadmill, getting nowhere, but feeling emotionally and physically exhausted.
  • They also discuss the holidays and Meredith goes through her infamous top 10 Spices of the Year countdown.
  • I am happy to hear that you are starting to feel like your old self.

I never thought it would get me. I didn’t even enjoy it at the end. I came so close to losing so much that I spent so much working for. I wanted to want to be sober for so long. I was quite miserable to be honest.

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I sit with my guitar and it all sounds boring and grey. When I was drinking I had ideas – got excited about things. If after 90 days life is boring and grey, I’m going back. There are millions of other people in recovery, all at different stages, and many are having a bad day just like you are. There is a lot of stuff to process as you build your life in recovery every day, and that isn’t always going to be easy. The saying goes that your worst day in sobriety is better than your best day in addiction. If you or someone you know experiences mental health issues, it is important to seek help from a qualified professional.

What does your drunk personality say about you?

People in the drunk groups were observed to be more extroverted than those in the sober groups, with observers using a system that measures five factors of personality. They also found—though less conclusively—that drunk people seemed less neurotic.

But because of that, I have learned to actually DEAL with them instead. And one day you’ll look back and think, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I was ever like that! ” You just have to faith that you can. You’ll reach a point where you accept that there are some difficulties ahead of you, but you’re not afraid of them.