Such apps can be sold as SaaS which implies that companies have to pay the rent for application usage. But you should keep in mind the maxim – “You get what you pay for,” as it is particularly the case for custom software development. Hopefully the points above clarify the pros and cons between using Shopify apps and choosing custom app development. When we develop custom apps, we can be confident in the data security when handing over Shopify builds. When using plugins from the Shopify App store, it’s important to research who the app developers are, how they manage the data, what data they have access to and their recovery plans. Especially if it concerns sensitive customer information, consider where the app is hosted, as they aren’t hosted by Shopify themselves.

Why is custom app development better

Such apps have encouraged businesses to establish a strong position in the competitive market. In 2021, users downloaded a total number of 230 billion apps from Google Play and App Store collectively. Custom apps development is a requirement when one is looking to develop a unique app product idea OR launch their own app business. Using low code app platforms in such scenarios is never a good choice. For more details regarding mobile application development service, you can directly reach us at

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Unlike a general application, a custom app meets your company’s needs and enhances the overall customer experience. This article tells you all about custom app development for mobile phones and why you should go for it. Customized applications serve as the perfect marketing tools which benefit virtually any industry. Business owners are increasingly developing their own to earn additional business revenues. It adds value to the company, increases productivity and expands the customer base. While your company may use internal apps to help improve employee productivity, you may also release apps to your customers.

Before considering the benefits of a customized app interface, let us understand why the app ecosystem is a mine of business opportunities. And expansion would generally consider building a versatile app that can be updated with ease and no limits. Secondly, companies might also have to update app design/features as per the user feedback.

  • This collective revenue of the sector will be distributed across different businesses and companies.
  • Efficiency Hybrid, web-based, and non-custom apps do suit your budget but end up being sluggish, inefficient, and do not perform the way you would want to across platforms.
  • The process to create a customized mobile app is based on the specific customer or clients need.
  • When working with a custom code, you are assured of its reliability since you wrote the code.
  • Analytics You can extract as much metadata as you need to power your analytics with custom apps.

Custom software development will create a product that is tailored to your specific requirements. When we count the number of smart devices people use, the number of app and internet users goes up by manifold. A business can reach a higher number of people through a single app with all its services and convenience factors. In a custom-code application, your team of developers or development partner will be able to make the required amendments on priority. While these templates and platforms enable users to start off the app quickly, the final products often lack various features that may be essential for your business. While low-code platforms help build applications in a short period of time, the ease of access comes with a variety of cons that must be considered before a project is commenced.

With modern technology, unparalleled experience & a desire for innovation, our team is ready to bring your digital business idea to life. Gaming apps are one of the most popular app categories across the globe. AR gaming apps are offering an improved, unique, and more sophisticated gaming experience. It is an efficient and easy way to promote your app on the App Store for iPhone and iPad in the U.S. Thus App Store empowers the owners of customized web apps in their way to success. Two grocery stores propose almost the identical range of goods to their clients.


They have been gaining more popularity in the last few years due to advancements in technologies and because some app ideas need the specification to be effective. 2016 is anticipated to be the year when the adoption of mobile apps will grow to meet the specific business requirements, as research from IDC analysts says. It’s no longer the hot news, the mobile industry impacts every sphere of business, from grocery to fashion. What is better – to develop a custom mobile app or use the benefits of a white-label solution? Each variant has its advantages, but custom development proves to be the better choice. When building your Shopify site, you will inevitably have to choose between using Shopify apps or going down the custom app development route.

One smart way of doing so is choosing custom application development for your business. • Visual Integrated Development Environment which is an app that enables a developer to custom app build the user interface , application data, and workflow models. Even though a low code platform is drag-and-drop, you android app development agency can also manually write code. In its initial development, the custom software app development cost seems expensive as you invest a large sum of money, but it will give you good returns in the end. For example, with custom software applications, you don’t incur license costs as you own the software.

Why is custom app development better

This allows these apps to scale up in the case of need, ensuring that your customers get a fluid and outstanding experience out of the box. With third-party apps, you end up being bogged down by the limitations of those platforms in the case of UI and volume. Custom apps can scale well when designed well, which is extremely important for the volatile customer market of today. These are why customized apps are best for businesses that want to digitize their processes. Businesses that invest in custom app development see an exponential rise in profits and customer loyalty.

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It provides services to keep control over the data each and every time therefore, custom apps help to track the project development and related services. Impressing your customer or audience base is the way to grow your business. You need to get them engaged in this process, which is easier with a custom mobile app. It allows you to send personalized updates about your products or services in real-time. Increased mobility and freedom explains why both your employees and customers use mobile apps so much.

These days the mobile app development companies develop the apps which act as the digital window of the business for the complete world. By this way, the brands and the organizations can attract visitors to explore the product. Developing or incorporating the custom app is based on brand services and user experience. It is clear that mobile plays an important role in the expansion of business in all dimensions. Therefore, all sizes of the organizations can deploy the custom mobile apps into their organizations to provide a significant component for their business.

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Sharks like Instagram, Facebook, Ali Baba, and more have already tasted success through cross-platform app development. ScaleDevops – Our DevOps services cover everything from small consumer-facing systems to massive enterprise-scale solutions. Our team of experienced developers and DevOps engineers are happy to help with your project pipelines. DesignUser Experience Design – We convert your vision into reality by creating stunning and intuitive interfaces.

Designing, setting up, and implementing build custom software takes a lot of time. The long process is disadvantageous to organizations that want short and instant solutions. The time-consuming nature of personalized applications increases the chances for unpredicted complications. However, the time it takes for developing the custom application development is worth it as it serves the business according to its unique needs. During the customized application software development process, you can find opportunities to optimize your processes leading to higher productivity. The app developer analyzes your set of requirements that are needed to provide necessary custom solutions.

Why is custom app development better

When challenges occur, they are resolved fast as the developer is only a call away or in the business premises. The capability to build more applications within a short time leads to decreased costs which are not the same as custom app development costs. Also, the low-code platform eliminates the need for additional developers, which reduces hiring costs. Sometimes, the original custom app developer is unavailable to provide support. This is unlike commercial software that has ready documentation resources and training; this greatly limits effective operations of research management systems on custom applications.

Why custom app development is a better solution for big brands

This makes low-cost applications a less preferred option by companies. From ideation to launch, we follow a holistic approach to full-cycle product development. Seamlessly integrate branding, functionality, usability and accessibility into your product. We enhance user interaction and deliver experiences that are meaningful and delightful. Even after planning the budget, entrepreneurs tend to miss out on some vital points like inclusions in the admin panel, app maintenance, and regular testing. Since banks are operating globally, the slightest interruption can cause a huge loss.

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We are committed to providing our clients with the best web and mobile apps. We offer unique model of innovation labs where our dedicated team of experts work together with you to continuously evolve products as you grow. MenuAbout UsAbout JumpGrowth – JumpGrowth is the top ranked on-demand mobile and web app development digital studio. We have helped both start-ups and big brands build unique digital products for the last 20 years.

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Efficient Synchronization of Data – To be effective, the app must be able to synchronize data with the server regularly and at a suitable pace. Apps are available for tracking your projects and keeping track of deadlines in real-time. After each stage of the project is completed, updates can be sent and the billing cycle can be maintained. Thanks for sharing this blog is very informative and helpful, I really appreciate your effort.

It is advised that before you look at all the features of the future application, check if your company really needs it. At this stage, nothing better than asking you what goals you want to achieve through the application. Brand identity and logo as your office, your website, and other products.

What is Custom Application Development?

Additionally, to make these changes, the developer will require the know-how of the platform in use. A low-code application is often likely to pose challenges at the time of scaling or update. Apart from that, even the most minor edits, including graphic and visual updates, may require an unusual amount of extra work.

Scalable – Scalability is never a hassle in custom apps because it works to support the core functionality of the business. Hence, by deciding on the right distribution model, these apps can be made available either from Google Play Store/App Store or available for download from a private server. Once you’ve set the target audience, choose those social media platforms that make it easier to interact with potential users. Facebook & WhatsApp have been amazing options for interacting with potential customers.